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The coalition website has moved to http://www.swlfsc.org/ please come and see our new site! The Coalition became a Community Interest Company in 2008 but it has been running since 2004. It has grown through the voluntary efforts of members and supportive institutions. We have received no core funding; we exist because we want to and because no other organisation has a primary focus on ESD (education for sustainable development) in the region. Members receive a monthly ‘Update’ that highlights initiatives being undertaken by other member organisations, national news of relevance to local and regional groups, links to new publications and online resources, job opportunities and forthcoming events. In the past the Coalition was closely involved in developing sustainable schools programmes with the support of the regional Government Office and remain engaged in ESD developments in the region.


The 'glue' that binds us together is a sense of shared values. The following list was identified by founding members of the Coalition and is not exhaustive:

- facilitating learning (as distinct from simply 'teaching')

- recognising inter-dependence (global and intergenerational)

- promoting a systemic view

- encouraging active citizenship

- empathy

- cooperation

- acknowledging rights and responsibilities
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